Who is Amgen?

How do new medications get created? We have leading scientists and members of the medical community working tirelessly to develop cures and solutions to many of life’s ailments. Amgen has spent years adding value to the medical community, resulting in them becoming a leader in biotechnology. Psoriatic arthritis clinical trials are one of their many services.

Amgen was founded in Thousand Oaks, California in 1980, giving them decades to expand their reach. Upon starting their journey as a company, they set out with certain goals in mind. They wanted to transform biotechnology into therapies that could save lives and improve health. They are currently active in over 100 countries and regions across the world. As a leading biotechnology company, they have helped develop many innovative medicines that counteract serious conditions that millions of people suffer from daily. 

Amgen focuses on the needs of patients worldwide, using the logical scientific method to improve experiments and develop new life saving Amgen drugs. They work tirelessly to help patients struggling with inflammation, cardiovascular disease, bone health, and more. Based on their focuses, they offer many research based opportunities including psoriatic arthritis clinical trials. To learn more about Amgen’s history, go here.

What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

Psoriatic arthritis(PsA) is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints. 3 in 5 patients with psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis in their lifetime. While the skin condition is usually a precursor to PsA, it isn’t uncommon for patients to develop arthritis before showing signs of psoriasis. 

PsA most commonly causes stiffness and swelling in the peripheral joints such as the hands and feet. It can also sometimes affect the larger joints such as the knees. The stiffness and swelling can cause pain and sometimes cause disability.“Sausage digits” are common with PsA. This is when fingers and toes swell up and become tender. Eye inflammation and GI problems are also common symptoms. 

Amgen Psoriatic Arthritis Clinical Trials

Amgen offers various clinical trials, the psoriatic arthritis clinical trials being one of many. Amgen drugs are developed to help treat serious diseases which lack treatment options. In some cases, they try to present new, more viable treatment options to what is currently available. There are many treatments for PsA, but they don’t work for everyone. Amgen has created these clinical trials to study an already approved drug, Otezla. It has been approved to treat both PsA and psoriasis. The trials will test the benefits of Otezla on patients who have been showing signs of psoriatic arthritis for 5 or fewer years. If you fit this criterion and want to find out your eligibility, get in touch with us here

About Advanced Rheumatology of Houston

Dr. Tamar Brionez of Advanced Rheumatology of Houston has over 10 years of experience diagnosing and treating rheumatic diseases. Her office has participated in many research studies in the hopes of helping as many of her patients as possible. If you are interested in the psoriatic arthritis clinical trials or if you are curious about a diagnosis, contact our office here.