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Are you looking for a Houston TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. that can give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your rheumatic disease? We understand that finding a trustworthy and reliable doctor can be tough. If this is your situation, then Advanced Rheumatology is the treatment office for you.

Advanced Rheumatology Houston dedicates itself to treating rheumatological or autoimmune-related patients. Our mission is to provide the local community with first-class independent healthcare in a safe, affordable, and friendly environment.

Our rheumatologists diagnose people with myositis, gout, RH, and scleroderma. Also, our clinic will include patients in board-certified clinical trials. Dr. Tamar F. Brionez will support you in rheumatology diagnosing and treating.

In these clinical trials, patients with different cases should improve their therapeutic ability for these chronic conditions. In addition, the tests cost the patient nothing. However, there are also free medicines, travel vouchers, hospital trips, and study trips given.

Houston TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr

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Houston TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr.

Rheumatoid arthritis or RA is commonly considered impaired, but recent medical advances have greatly improved patient outcomes. RA is the most common form and affects 1.3 million Americans. The disease triggers when the immune system attacks healthy body tissue.

Typically, the bacteria and body viruses are attacked by the immune system. This disease, unfortunately, triggers tissue inflammation to be attacked by the immune system, causing permanent damage. They swell and cause discomfort for patients when the joints are attacked. Also, RA occurs mostly in women aged 30 to 50 years.

Blood tests standard when testing for rheumatoid arthritis. The physician can also inspect joints, muscles, and may use x-rays or ultrasounds. To define the diagnosis, the doctor will use some of these test choices. For those who have RA, blood tests may show several different results. While certain virus infections can be rheumatoid, Dr. Brionez will undoubtedly recognize the symptoms of the patient’s disease.

Rheumatological arthritis is not curative, although symptom treatments have been quite effective. Therapy can improve the condition of the joints considerably. Ideally, patients can live more comfortably with treatment combined with medicine. Of course, each case has different treatment options and varying results.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that patients need to know how to cope with. The patients will experience a variety of symptoms. Mostly, they occur in smaller joints such as the hands and feet. RA can even target organs, skin, eyes. The complete symptoms list below is available:

  • Pain, rigidity, swelling
  • Reduced joint movement
  • Joint stiffness more in the morning
  • Energy loss
  • Slight fevers
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hard lumps around hands and elbows
  • Dry mouth and eyes

The symptoms differ widely among individuals. For cases of rheumatoid arthritis, there are several different types of possible causes. Patients can develop rheumatoid nodules. In conclusion, they grow under the skin and are produced by only about a quarter of RA people.

We understand the anxiety that people feel toward this disease and how it can significantly disrupt your daily habits and routines. There is no need to live this way when a better alternative is possible. Although there is currently no cure, there are ways to live that allow you to feel more comfortable and in control.

Houston TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr

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The ContRAst Program

The ContRAst program is a way to contribute to a treatment alternative for patients with rheumatic arthritis (RA). The most severe type of autoimmune arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. Indeed, this disease affects 1.3 million Americans. It occurs when the immune system damages healthy tissue. Inflammation affects the tissue targeted, and the joints are often affected if RA is present.

RA primarily affects smaller hand and foot joints. It can, however, affect organs. The leading group of this disorder is women between the ages of 30 and 50. Current therapies have made RA life more straightforward, but rheumatoid arthritis is a disabling condition.

There is no remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Many treatment options are directed at the symptoms. Fortunately, preliminary trials have been performed with investigational, internal medicine to delay the progression of this disease. Most RA patients still do not respond adequately to options for treatment. However, the ContRAst Program seeks to improve and make this better.

Investigative research takes a new medication and tests it on eligible patients. Analysis is performed to see how patients respond to the drug. The ContraRAst system explores a new treatment that delays the production of adult rheumatoid arthritis. Three different RA patient testing services are available: contRAst-1, contRAst-2, and contRAst-3 analysis. Ultimately, this program involves three separate experiments.

Additional Information Concerning ContRAst

In addition, a long-term study is available to patients involved in the program. Most notably, the comparison system is not for every patient. A list of requirements to be met is given for the program. Patients aged at least 18 and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis are the most essential criteria.

In order to find out whether they are registered, interested patients can visit the contRAst program website. Licensed drugs and consultations by their doctor come at no cost to eligible patients. If patients are qualified and are unable to access the study center, a concierge travel service may be an alternative. For more info, visit the contRAst website.

Houston TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr

Houston TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr.

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