Houston TX Rheumatologist

Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez has over a decade of experience diagnosing and treating rheumatologic conditions of all types in the greater Houston area. If you are experiencing any problems with your bone and joint health, Dr. Brionez is the local expert you need. Call our Houston clinic at 281-766-7886 to book your life-changing appointment today!

Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez

Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez

Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez

Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez has been board-certified in internal medicine since 2007 and rheumatology since 2009. Because of this, she offers her patients the individualized high-quality care only available from a Rheumatologist with over a decade of experience. Furthermore, she is knowledgeable about the diagnosis and treatment options for any rheumatologic condition you may have, and she is ready to work on a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Dr. Brionez is particularly passionate about the study and improvement of joint pain. Because of this, Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is currently participating in three global pain management studies.

Houston TX Rheumatologist

Potential Symptoms of Lupus

Global Research On Lupus

One of the complex autoimmune diseases Dr. Brionez treats regularly is Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or lupus for short.

Lupus can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including inflammation of the skin and joints, fatigue, and even the damage of a person’s kidneys. While there currently there is no cure, researchers across the globe are focusing on improving pain management related to the disease. Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is participating in one such study – the SLE-BRAVE research study.

Global Research On Arthritis

If you are diagnosed with either rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, you may be eligible for participation in one of two different global studies.

Those with rheumatoid arthritis may be eligible for participation in the contRAst study. This study aims to test new methods that may slow the progression of this autoimmune disease.

Those with psoriatic arthritis who have not been able to manage their symptoms with existing medications may be eligible to participate in the KEEPsAKE study.

What Is Arthritis?

Houston TX Rheumatologist

Arthritis can cause intense joint pain in one’s hands.

Arthritis is a kind of autoimmune disease that targets and destroys the soft and flexible tissue in your joints known as cartilage. Over time, as the cartilage breaks down, your joints become swollen, stiff, tender, and can be painful to move or bend. These symptoms make daily tasks, like typing, increasingly difficult and painful.

The previously mentioned rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis are common, and their diagnosis may make you eligible for participation in one of our ongoing research studies. However, Advanced Rheumatology of Houston treats many other forms of arthritis. The most commonly treated form is osteoarthritis.

A form of arthritis we treat that acts very differently from the others is gout. Instead of breaking down your cartilage, gout causes tiny needle-like urate crystals to form in your joints. Your white blood cells then attack those crystals and cause you intense pain.

Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez has over ten years of experience working with these forms of arthritis and many more. If you experience chronic joint pain, call today 281-766-7886 and let Dr. Brionez put her expertise to work helping you live as pain-free as possible.

Other Rheumatologic Conditions That Cause Joint Pain

If you are experiencing swelling, tenderness, discomfort, or pain in your joints, Dr. Brionez has proven methods to help manage your symptoms. It is particularly important to call if you have continuous stiffness and pain in your arms, back, neck, or legs, as you may have developed a rheumatologic condition known as Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

If diagnosed with this or another condition involving inflammation-related pain, Dr. Brionez can help you manage your symptoms with a combination of medication management and regular bloodwork. Other possible inflammatory diseases may fall within the family, known as spondyloarthropathies.

Dr. Brionez can also offer the expert care you need if you are suffering from any symptoms of the complex and sometimes life-threatening condition known as scleroderma. There are two main subsets of this condition – localized and systemic scleroderma.

While localized scleroderma mainly targets a person’s skin, it can also target joints and muscles if left untreated. Systemic scleroderma, on the other hand, is hallmarked by its often life-threatening tendency to target a person’s vital organs.

Other Rheumatologic Conditions We Treat

Do you have any unexplained muscle weakness or rashes? Call Dr. Brionez today for information regarding screening for myositis. Like scleroderma, myositis has two different subsets – polymyositis and dermatomyositis. If a diagnosis of myositis is determined, Dr. Brionez will work with you on an individualized treatment plan involving physical therapy and medication.

Did a recent x-ray reveal the possibility of a loss of bone density? Call Dr. Brionez to be screened for osteoporosis. This screening involves a simple and painless bone mineral density test. If following this test, you are diagnosed with osteoporosis; our Houston TX Rheumatologist will discuss the large number of supplement options available to you and any other treatments you may require. Much of this treatment plan will be determined by the amount of loss she discovers.

Another minimally invasive examination Dr. Brionez may perform will involve analyzing a small tissue sample to screen for vasculitis. This family of rheumatologic conditions involves your blood vessels, and your treatment plan will be heavily dependent on your specific diagnosis.

Lastly and most uniquely, Dr. Brionez also offers treatment for a condition known as Sjogren’s Syndrome. Unlike the other rheumatologic conditions we’ve discussed, this condition does not attack joints, bones, muscles, or even blood vessels. Instead, it targets your saliva glands and tear ducts. If you receive this diagnosis, Dr. Brionez will work with you to create an effective and equally unique treatment plan. This plan will include a focus on combatting your increased risk of dental decay.

Contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston

Do the ongoing global research studies interest you? Do you need help managing joint pain or any other symptoms discussed in this article? Call Houston TX Rheumatologist Dr. Brionez at 281-766-7886 to book an appointment and visit our Houston clinic.

Dr. Brionez has helped hundreds of Houstonians manage their rheumatologic conditions and improve their quality of life. You also deserve to live pain-free. Don’t hesitate, call today!

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