Conroe TX Lupus Specialist Near Me

Conroe TX lupus specialist near me

Conroe TX lupus specialist near me

Searching for Conroe TX lupus specialist near me can be tricky. Chances are you want to find a doctor who understands the complexities of lupus and how to help. Luckily, the Advanced Rheumatology of Houston has everything you need to live a perfectly healthy and normal life.

Dr. Brionez has over ten years of experience in rheumatology and enjoys helping her patients live more comfortable, healthy lives. She can help you get the treatment you need to enjoy life again.

Lupus goes by many names. The full name is systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE. It is an autoimmune disease that causes the joints and organs to have systemic inflammation. This disease is found predominantly in women, and twenty percent of patients are children and teens. In rare cases, children under five years old can develop it. This form of lupus is called childhood-onset SLE.

Lupus or SLE can range from mild to severe. In its most severe cases, it can affect the healthy tissues of the heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys. If left untreated, the disease can cause major disruptions in a person’s life. It can even cause permanent damage to vital organs.  Luckily there is treatment available that helps those with lupus live longer and more fulfilling lives.

So, if you have been diagnosed with lupus or are concerned that you may have it have no fear, living with lupus is possible, and you can easily have your life back after a flare-up. Finding and contacting Conroe TX lupus specialist near me is the best route to go when dealing with this chronic illness.

There are many symptoms to lupus, and there are some effective treatments. Continue reading to learn more about lupus and what it’s about.

Lupus and Its Signs and Symptoms

Lupus has a variety of signs and symptoms that make it hard to diagnose. Some of the symptoms that go along with lupus aren’t symptoms that are specific to lupus. These symptoms are:

  • stomach pain
  • heartburn
  • hair loss
  • blood clots
  • fatigue
  • weight loss
  • poor circulation in fingers and toes
  • fever

While these symptoms can lead to a myriad of diseases, some symptoms are used to diagnose lupus. The American College of Rheumatology has decided these symptoms. The symptoms on the list for diagnosis are:


Rashes from lupus can show up in a couple of ways. You can have a malar rash, discoid rash, or rashes from sun exposure. A malar rash is a butterfly-shaped rash on the cheeks while a discoid rash appears as red raised circles or oval patches. A rash from sun exposure will appear on any exposed skin that has been in the sun.


Arthritis is known as a disease of the joints. This disease results in tenderness and swelling in two or more joints that last for a few weeks. You can also face arthritis without lupus. Other forms of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Talk to your rheumatologist so they can treat your arthritis or find if it is a symptom of something more.

Mouth Sores

These sores can be in the mouth or the nose. They will last anywhere from a month to a couple of days.

Kidney Problems

Doctors can find kidney problems through lab tests that show poor kidney function. They can also find it in urine analysis, which will show protein or blood in the urine. This can also be a sign of poor kidney function.

Lung or Heart Inflammation

Lung or heart inflammation is noticeable because it causes chest pain when you breathe deeply. The name for heart inflammation is pericarditis, and the name of lung inflammation is pleurisy or pleuritis.

Neurological Problems

These can be seizures, strokes, or psychosis.

Abnormal Blood Tests

Abnormalities that your doctor will look out for are low platelets, low white blood cell counts, and anemia. Another common abnormality for lupus patients is positive antinuclear antibodies. These are the antibodies that cause your immune system to attack itself instead of diseases. The other abnormalities you could face are anti-Smith, anti-double-strand DNA, and antiphospholipid antibodies.

Conroe TX lupus specialist near me

Advanced Rheumatology of Houston can help you live a more comfortable life.

Many of these symptoms don’t come on all at once, which adds to the challenge of diagnosing the disease. The best and most common way to diagnose lupus is through blood tests, especially the ANA.  To make sure you get a proper diagnosis and treatment, consult a Conroe TX lupus specialist near me. They will have the medical advice you need to know what next steps to take.

Living With SLE or Lupus

Discovering you have a chronic illness can be frightening. However, living with lupus doesn’t have to be miserable. Many people with lupus live long, happy lives. The trick is to have a reliable support system to help you through the unpredictable illness. This support system will be made up of friends, family, and doctors.

It is also important to make sure to follow everything the doctor prescribes in your treatment plan. Although the treatment may be working well, they will expect you to come in to visit often. This is to keep track of your condition so they can adjust the treatment plan as needed.

There will be times that you won’t feel like being active. However, exercise is the best thing for you. Exercise will keep your joints movable and will help you prevent stroke and heart disease.

A common part of lupus is its flare-ups. These flare-ups can happen from puberty, pregnancy, and sunlight. So you must wear protection when going outside. Sunscreen and protective clothing will help you to keep lupus in remission.

Conroe TX lupus specialist near me

Life with lupus can be an enjoyable one.

Lupus can cause complications when it comes to pregnancy. In many cases, lupus can cause miscarriages. However, if you have lupus and would like to become pregnant, it is still possible. It will require planning with your doctor to help you time your pregnancy with the remission of your condition. This is why having a Conroe TX lupus specialist near me is a great way to learn to cope with lupus.

The Best Conroe TX Lupus Specialist Near Me

If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Brionez, give Advanced Rheumatology of Houston at (281) 766-7886. You can also learn more about Dr. Brionez and her services. She and her office staff would love to become your new Conroe TX lupus specialist near me.


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