Spring TX Lupus Doctors Near Me

Patients searching “Spring TX lupus doctors near me” should schedule an appointment at Advanced Rheumatology of Houston. Lupus doctors are also known as rheumatologists. These doctors diagnose and treat rheumatologic conditions, which affect the joints, ligaments, and organs of the body. Dr. Brionez is the sole rheumatologist at Advanced Rheumatology of Houston.

Rheumatologists work with a number of patients with a wide variety of patients. Examples of rheumatologic conditions include ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, lupus, and more. Each of these diseases have their own complexities. However, Dr. Brionez will help patients diagnose, treat, and live more comfortable lives with these conditions.

Spring TX Lupus Doctors Near Me

Dr. Brionez is the right rheumatologist for you.

Dr. Brionez obtained her Doctor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. In addition, she completed a Fellowship in Rheumatology at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Then, in 2007, she became board-certified in internal medicine. Two years later, she became a board-certified rheumatologist. If you are suffering from a rheumatologic condition, then you should consider her expertise.

Lupus is a complex disease and requires the right rheumatologist for the job. Dr. Brionez will use the best techniques possible to diagnose and treat the disease. She will also work closely with patients in order to provide them comfort as much as possible.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus)

Lupus is what is known as an autoimmune disease. It is one of several diseases where the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body. The is no known cause of lupus, which is one reason this condition is so complex. Normally, an immune system attacks infections, bacteria, and viruses in the body. Lupus can vary in severity and affect many parts of the body. The condition is known to affect the skin, organs, and joints.

These various areas are just another reason lupus is complex. There is no known reason why lupus affects so many parts of the body. Organs such as the brain, kidneys, lungs, and heart can be severely impacted by this disease. For that reason, it is extremely important to monitor this disease in patients. Lupus is capable of going into remission, but there are things that can trigger flares.

Lupus is capable of appearing in anyone, but 20% of patients are children and teens. More specifically, females going through puberty are more affected by lupus. Children before the age of five rarely develop lupus. The handline of a child’s lupus case is different from an adult’s.

Symptoms of Lupus

Another reason lupus is so complex is because it can be hard to identify. Many of the symptoms associated with lupus are found with numerous other diseases. So, rheumatologists must examine the symptoms closely and run the right tests to pinpoint the cause of the issues. Symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and weight loss are commonly associated with other conditions. So, lupus is typically not the first illness associated with the symptoms.

Spring TX Lupus Doctors Near Me

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed, then visit a health professional.

Below, you can find the full list of symptoms for lupus.

  • Mouth or nose sores
  • Arthritis
  • Hair loss
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Cold toes or fingers
  • Blood clots
  • Chest pains while breathing deeply
  • Kidney issues
  • Neurologic issues (i.e., stroke)
  • Rashes
  • Pregnant women may have miscarriages

Dr. Brionez will analyze the symptoms you have and decided what tests are necessary. In order to diagnose the illness, she will rule out diseases first before jumping to lupus. If lupus is tested for, then she will use an ANA test.

Diagnosing and Treating Lupus

An ANA test searches for antinuclear antibodies in the body. These antibodies cause the attacks from the immune system, and almost all lupus patients have them present in the body. So, if you are positive for antibodies, then you will be diagnosed with lupus. Further tests will be run in order to identify the diagnosis.

Spring TX Lupus Doctors Near Me

Dr. Brionez will help you live a comfortable life with lupus.

Once you are diagnosed with lupus, you will want to treat the condition. Unfortunately, there is no cure for lupus. Instead, Dr. Brionez will help you keep the symptoms under control and help you live as comfortably as possible. Fortunately, recent advancements in lupus treatment have made the lives of many so much better.

Medication is the best choice to reduce symptoms, and antimalarial drugs are given to every lupus patient. This drug was used to treat and prevent malaria. Now, it treats symptoms for lupus such as rashes, mouth sores, fatigue, and arthritis. For more severe cases associated with the vital organs, corticosteroids are used. These drugs suppress the attacks of the immune system, and some can reduce pain.

Patients Living with Lupus

Patients living with lupus will need to take a few steps themselves in order to live longer and easier lives. Firstly, exercise is very important. It will reduce soreness and pain with arthritis associated with the condition. Exercise also reduces the chance of heart disease, which lupus increases. Paired with exercise, patients should eat healthy food to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Lupus patients should also stop smoking. Severe cases associated with the heart or lungs will not be helped with smoking. Patients should also be wary of kidney disease. Lupus can create renal inflammation, which leads to complications. Symptoms of kidney disease include high blood pressure, swollen feet or hands, puffiness around the eyes, and changes in the urine. Blood or foam, often bathroom breaks at night, or pain peeing may appear.

Finally, patients can avoid flares by avoiding sunlight. Excess sunlight can cause rashes to flare-up.  So, wear long-sleeve shirts, pants, and a hat. The additional clothing will help reduce the possibility of a flare. Alternatively, wear sunscreen if extra clothing is not possible.

Spring TX Lupus Doctors Near Me

Dr. Brionez will help you live you a more comfortable life with lupus. Give Advanced Rheumatology of Houston a call today. You can schedule an appointment at our Houston location by calling (281) 766-7886. Lupus patients may find the SLE-BRAVE research study interesting.

Visit our lupus research study page in order to find additional information. You can help current and future lupus patients by testing a new treatment option. So, stop searching “Spring TX lupus doctors near me” and start giving us a call.


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