Spring TX Lupus Specialist Near Me

If you are looking for “Spring TX lupus specialist near me,” give Advanced Rheumatology of Houston a call today. Our Houston, TX, location is capable of helping all kinds of people with rheumatologic conditions. Dr. Brionez has more than ten years of experience, which means she has helped many patients.

Rheumatologic conditions are diseases that affect connective tissue in the body. Joints are the most common, but muscles, ligaments, and organs may also be affected. Lupus is a very complex rheumatologic condition for a number of reasons. Of course, lupus is just one illness rheumatologists diagnose and treat.

Spring TX Lupus Specialist Near Me

Dr. Brionez will work with you to feel comfortable while living with lupus.

They can also help patients with ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, myositis, and so much more. Each of these conditions are complex in their own way, but lupus is a disease that needs to be watched closely by doctors and patients. The wide range of areas it can affect create issues that could be deadly for some.

So, Dr. Brionez is here to help patients diagnose and treat their rheumatologic illness. She will also help patients feel comfortable living with this disease. Her expertise will help lupus patients live with the condition to the best of their ability.

What We Know About Lupus

It is important that all diseases are complex, but lupus is special in that it affects so many parts of the body without a known cause. That said, we do know a lot about lupus. Firstly, it is an autoimmune disease. Typically, the immune system targets bacteria, infections, and other foreign pathogens in the body. However, autoimmune diseases target healthy tissues. In some diseases, the tissue is mistaken as a threat, while others are unknown, such as lupus.

Secondly, lupus affects the skin, organs, and joints. Organs such as the lungs, heart, brain, and kidneys are potential targets. More serious cases of lupus feature these organs, and proper steps will be taken to assist in their defenses. Thirdly, anyone can develop lupus. It is more common in certain races and ages, but it can certainly appear in anyone. Children and teens are particularly more affected. In fact, 20% of lupus patients are children or teenagers.

Finally, lupus has a wide range of symptoms. As stated prior, lupus affects the skin, joints, and organs. So, each of these areas can display any number of symptoms. Due to the wide range of symptoms, lupus is not easy to identify. Often times, the symptoms are recognized as being part of another disease. Fever, fatigue, weight loss, and stomach aches do not point directly to lupus. Instead, they point to various other diseases as well.

Lupus Symptoms and Diagnosis

You can see the full list of symptoms below.

symptoms of lupus diagram

Lupus as several symptoms that are found all over the body.

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Blood clots
  • Hair loss
  • Weight loss
  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Chest pain during deep breathing
  • Mouth and nose sores
  • Rashes
  • Soreness or swelling in joints (arthritis)
  • Abnormal urine
  • Neurologic problems (strokes and seizures)

As you can see, many of these symptoms are found in several other diseases. So, it will take the right rheumatologist to identify the issue. Fortunately, Dr. Brionez is the right rheumatologist for the job. She will examine each of the symptoms you may have and rule out other potential diseases. In addition to her examination, she may run blood tests to see if there are any antinuclear antibodies present in your body.

This test is known as an ANA test, which searches for the aforementioned antibodies. Antinuclear antibodies are found in nearly every lupus patient and are the cause of the immune system attacks. If you are positive for the antibodies, then you will be diagnosed with lupus. Further tests will also be run in order to identify more antibodies related to the disease.

Treating Lupus

Lupus does not have a cure, so patients must learn how to live with this condition. Recent advancements in lupus treatment have helped patients live longer and easier lives. Overall, lupus patients live normal lives. They need to make a few lifestyle changes, but their lives are still good. Rheumatologists work with patients to control the immune system’s activity and the symptoms. Medication is one way they can help.

Spring TX Lupus Specialist Near Me

Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is here to help. Call us today.

Antimalarial drugs are used for all lupus patients because of its effectiveness against some symptoms. These drugs were once used to prevent and treat malaria, but they are effective in treating rashes, lupus-related arthritis, mouth and nose sores, and fatigue. Flares are also reduced with these drugs.

For more serious cases, corticosteroids are used. Patients with lupus affecting their vital organs will most likely use this option. Corticosteroids are used when the immune system is hyperactive and needs to be suppressed. These steroids may also reduce pain varying on the type prescribed.

Even with all of these medication options, many patients do not respond to treatment. That said, there are research studies being performed that can help develop new treatments.


Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is honored to be a participating clinic in the SLE-BRAVE  research study. This lupus study will be testing an investigational drug paired with lupus therapy. Currently, the study is seeking participants, and you may be a perfect fit. Lupus patients can help discover a new treatment option for current and future lupus patients. If you are interested in SLE-BRAVE, visit our lupus research study page. Our website has a lot more information on the study and what it entails.

Spring TX Lupus Specialist Near Me

Finding the right rheumatologist may be difficult, but Advanced Rheumatology of Houston wants to make it easy. Dr. Brionez is a professional and friendly rheumatologist. She will help patients feel comfortable and live better lives with lupus. So, give the clinic a call today at (281) 766-7886. Patients may also call to ask us about the SLE-BRAVE research study.

Lupus is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. If you are experiencing symptoms, then see a health professional as soon as possible. If they believe you have a rheumatologic condition, then get in touch with Advanced Rheumatology of Houston today. So, stop searching “Spring TX lupus specialist near me” and start calling.


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