Spring TX Psoriatic Arthritis Doctors

Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

If you are struggling and are searching for Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors, then you need to contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston. Most rheumatologic diseases have no treatment and can be difficult to deal with. Psoriatic arthritis is no different. You needn’t battle your illness alone, though. Dr. Brionez has more than ten years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatologic diseases. She also has many years in research studies.

When you are looking for a doctor to help with your rheumatologic disease, you want assistance from someone who is caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Brionez graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Nutritional Science. She then proceeded to earn her Doctor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. Following that, she completed, at the University of Texas Health Science Center’s, her Fellowship in Rheumatology.

Dr. Brionez was accredited as a board member in internal medicine in 2007. Then she became board-certified in rheumatology in 2009. She has since helped people lead happier and more relaxed lives.

Dr. Brionez is respected by patients for her experience and her genuine concern about what they are going through.  Having a supportive doctor by your side is important when it comes to coping with a chronic illness. Allow Dr. Brionez to be that doctor for you.

When it comes to managing your disease, making an appointment with Dr. Brionez would get you on the right track.  Dr. Brionez also uses the most reputable medical treatments. So, when you choose Houston Advanced Rheumatology, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. For this reason, you should select them to be your Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors.

Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

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About Psoriatic Arthritis and Its Symptoms

Psoriatic arthritis is inflammatory arthritis that happens with some patients that have psoriasis. This form of arthritis can cause inflammation in any joint in the body. For psoriatic arthritis, many of the symptoms vary from patient to patient.

It is important to get it treated early on to prevent joint damage. Persistent inflammation caused by psoriatic arthritis often leads to joint damage. However, there’s treatment available. This treatment is effective for most people who are struggling with psoriatic arthritis.

Although psoriatic arthritis normally occurs in patients with skin psoriasis, it can occur in those who don’t have psoriasis. However, those who don’t have psoriasis but still have psoriatic arthritis usually have relatives with psoriasis. This form of arthritis usually affects large joints in the legs, fingers, and toes, along with the back and pelvis.

Some of the symptoms you may face with psoriatic arthritis are:

  • reduced range of motion
  • morning stiffness and tiredness
  • fatigue
  • redness and pain in the eye which is called uveitis
  • nail changes such as pitting, separating from the nail bed
  • swollen fingers and toes
  • tenderness, pain and swelling over tendons
  • stiffness, throbbing, pain, swelling, and tenderness in one or more joints

The plus side is that if you are struggling with psoriatic arthritis, you don’t have to go without treatment. There is a range of treatments available and more on the way. These treatments help stop the progression of arthritis, reduce pain, protect joints, and preserve motion. If you have psoriatic arthritis, it is important to get the aid of a rheumatologist who is skilled in diagnosing and treating arthritis. With the right rheumatology specialist by your side, you can get back to doing the things your love. So, contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston today to be your Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors.

How Psoriatic Arthritis is Diagnosed

Unfortunately, psoriatic arthritis does not get a clear examination. The diagnosis is made mainly through findings from your doctor and by an elimination process. Your doctor will discuss your medical history with you, specifically any experience of psoriasis. They may also conduct a physical examination, blood tests, MRIs, and X-rays of joints with symptoms of PsA.

NPF is determined to establish a diagnostic test of psoriatic arthritis. This is the first step in the direction of a cure. A diagnostic test can significantly minimize the guesswork and the lengthy delays in making a diagnosis and initiating care. These delays can often lead to irreparable harm.

Psoriatic arthritis signs are similar to those of another three arthritic diseases. These other diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and reactive arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis typically includes joints that are symmetrically distributed on the body. They may cause bumps that will not be prevalent in psoriatic arthritis. Many forms of PsA generally look very much the same. However, psoriasis on the skin and changes in the nails appear to be symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.

It is possible for people to have both rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. However, that’s rare. In order for your doctor to rule out rheumatoid arthritis, they will test for a specific antibody called a rheumatoid factor. This antibody is typically present in those with rheumatoid arthritis.

Getting the help, you need to overcome your pain is important to Dr. Brionez. Contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston so you can get started on your treatment plan.

Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

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Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment

Treatment may vary depending on the swelling, pain, and stiffness you are experiencing. Psoriatic arthritis can range from mild to severe. Those who have mild arthritis might only need treatment when they are dealing with pain. Once the pain goes away, then they will stop therapy and feel fine. Anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen and naproxen are often used as a starting treatment.

However, if this doesn’t help, then disease-modifying anti-rheumatologic medications can be prescribed. Along with this, there are other biologic medications available. Injection and infusion is the common use of these drugs.

Contact The Best Spring TX Psoriatic Arthritis Doctors

You don’t have to live your life in pain. Allow Advanced Rheumatology of Houston to help you feel like yourself again. Dr. Brionez is a fantastic rheumatologist who diagnosis and treats arthritis.  She has been caring for patients for a long time, and she can care for you too. Contact her today at 281-766-7886 to set up an appointment. You can also learn more by checking out her about page, and you can also visit her at her location.  Make Advanced Rheumatology your first choice when searching for Spring TX psoriatic arthritis doctors.


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