The Woodlands TX Psoriatic Arthritis Doctors

The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

It can be a challenge to live with psoriatic arthritis, let alone find some good The Woodlands TX, psoriatic arthritis doctors. Luckily, the Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is precisely what you need to live a comfortable and healthy life. Although psoriatic arthritis can seem isolating, you don’t have to deal with this alone. Dr. Brionez is the person who will help you through this. Her medical advice will get you to feel back to being yourself in no time.

With ten years of experience in diagnosing and treating arthritis along with other rheumatologic diseases, its no wonder she’s the best. Because of her skill and compassion, many patients trust her. She genuinely cares about what you are going through. That’s something that can be tricky to find in a doctor. Dr. Brionez also got her undergrad from Texas A&M, which was in Bachelor in Nutritional Science. For her doctorate in medicine, she went to Baylor College of Medicine. After getting her degrees, she went to Texas Health Science Center for her Rheumatology Fellowship.

Dr. Brionez was certified for the Internal Medicine Board in 2007. In 2009 she was accredited as a rheumatology board member. She then opened up her practice and, since then, has helped people to lead happy and healthy lives.

Dr. Brionez is regarded as a highly committed medical expert.  It is critical that you have a reliable doctor by your side in the wake of a chronic illness. Let the physician be Dr. Brionez.

You will have the right approach to treat the illness following your diagnosis from Dr. Brionez.  She utilizes the most qualified scientific procedures. And if you choose Advanced Rheumatology of Houston, you relax and know you made the right choice. So, you select them as your The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors.

The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

Allow us to help you get back to your life.

About Psoriatic Arthritis

For those with psoriatic arthritis, it is common for them also to have psoriasis. Arthritis is a disease of the joints, and psoriatic arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis. Through this form of arthritis, it can affect any if not all joints in the body. However, many symptoms differentiate from person to person.

In order to have the best success with treatment, it is important to be treated early. When you treat psoriatic arthritis early then, you prevent joint damage. This is thanks to the quality treatment that is available to patients. Many of those who have psoriatic arthritis find relief from the treatment.

Even if you don’t have psoriasis, it isn’t impossible to still develop psoriatic arthritis. Those who don’t have psoriasis but have psoriatic arthritis often have a family member that has psoriasis. This condition commonly affects the lower extremities such as the legs, pelvis, lower back as well as fingers and toes.


There are many symptoms that come with psoriatic arthritis. Some of these symptoms are:

  • swelling in toes and fingers
  • uveitis, or also known as pain and redness in the eyes
  • stiffness and restricted motion
  • fatigue
  • sensitivity and swelling around tendons
  • changes in the nails that resemble fungus show pitting or the nail lifting from the nail bed
  • discomfort and tiredness in the morning
  • pain, discomfort, and tenderness in one or more joints

As you battle with psoriatic arthritis, know that you don’t have to do it without treatment. There are many treatments available with doctors working on more. The treatments available reduce inflammation, lessen pain, maintain motion, and keep arthritis from progressing. The best doctor to treat your arthritis is a rheumatologist because they specialize in these types of conditions. For you to reach your healthier future, contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston. Once you choose them to be your The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors, you won’t have to stress about it anymore.


The diagnosis is a bit more tricky than expected. Most of the diagnosis hinges on the doctor’s observations, which is why you would want a rheumatologist. A rheumatologist has seen these conditions before and will be able to recognize it quickly. After observation, then they will use your symptoms to eliminate the other potential conditions. The doctor will also discuss with you your medical history, especially that which relates to psoriasis. Although it is based on the doctor’s observation, you might have to have blood tests, MRIs, X-rays, and a physical examination. Just to be sure that they have as much to go off of as possible.

However, NPF is working on creating a diagnosis method. This is typically the first step when it comes to finding a cure. With an official way to diagnose psoriatic arthritis, it will lessen the guessing and shorten the delays between diagnosis and treatment.

Part of the difficulty with psoriatic arthritis is that it is similar to three other conditions. Gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and reactive arthritis are the three illnesses that resemble psoriatic arthritis.

The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors

The sooner you are diagnosed the sooner you can begin treatment.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, or Both?

There are some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis that aren’t present in psoriatic arthritis. One of these symptoms is that it develops in symmetrical joints on both sides of the body, which can lead to bumps under the skin. However, there are many PsA conditions that are similar. The main symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are psoriasis and changes in the nails.

For some patients, it is possible for them to have both rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Although this is rare. To confirm that you do have rheumatoid arthritis, you need to be tested for an antibody named a rheumatoid factor. If your doctor finds this antibody, then you have rheumatoid arthritis.

The professionals at Advances Rheumatology understand that psoriatic arthritis requires medical care. To get the care, you need to get back to enjoying your life contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston today.


Treatment will vary depending on your symptoms. You will be diagnosed as mild or severe, which will determine the kind of treatment you are provided. Those with mild psoriatic arthritis usually only have treatment when they are having pain. Once the pain goes away, then they will quit treatment. Often the start of treatment includes anti-inflammatory drugs.

For more serious treatments, there are anti-rheumatological drugs and biologic drugs. However, those are only used if anti-inflammatory drugs don’t work.

The Best The Woodlands TX Psoriatic Arthritis Doctors

Contact Advanced Rheumatology of Houston today at 281-766-7886 to set up an appointment. You can also learn more from their about page and see their location. Allow Advanced Rheumatology of Houston to be your The Woodlands TX psoriatic arthritis doctors.


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