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Are you searching for a Spring TX rheumatoid doctor? Look no further than Advanced Rheumatology of Houston. Do you have pain in your hips, knees, or hands that is making basic life tasks both difficult and painful? You may be suffering from a treatable rheumatologic condition, and Spring TX rheumatoid doctor, Dr. Brionez, is the local expert you need.

Over the last decade, Dr. Brionez has helped hundreds of people manage their joint pain and other symptoms. You also deserve to live pain-free! No matter your symptoms, call Advanced Rheumatology of Houston’s Spring clinic at 281-766-7886 and book your life-changing appointment today!

Dr. Brionez Is The Spring TX Rheumatoid Doctor For You!

Spring TX rheumatoid doctor

Spring TX Rheumatoid Doctor Dr. Tamar Brionez

Dr. Tamar Brionez earned her Doctor of Medicine from the Baylor College of Medicine and has been board-certified in rheumatology since 2009. She has over a decade of experience diagnosing and treating various rheumatologic conditions ranging from arthritis to Sjogren’s Syndrome and even the complex Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

Dr. Brionez is passionate and knowledgeable about bone and joint health and is ready to work with you on a treatment plan to manage any symptoms you may have. She is particularly passionate about improving joint pain. Because of this passion, Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is currently participating in 3 worldwide pain management research studies.

Spring TX rheumatoid doctor

Potential Symptoms of Lupus

Global Research On Lupus

The complex and chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, also known as lupus, can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

These symptoms can range from inflammation of the skin and joints to fatigue and even the damage of a person’s lungs. There is currently no cure, but researchers across the globe are focusing on improving pain management for individuals with lupus. Advanced Rheumatology of Houston is participating in one such study, the SLE-BRAVE research study.

Global Research On Arthritis

If you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, you may be eligible for participation in a global study.

A diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis may make you eligible for participation in the contRAst study. This global study aims to test methods that may slow the progression of this autoimmune disease.

If you have been suffering from psoriatic arthritis and no medication has provided you with consistent relief, you may be eligible to participate in the KEEPsAKE study. This study aims to improve joint pain, swelling, and tenderness with an experimental medication.

Other Forms of Arthritis

The Woodlands TX rheumatoid doctor

Arthritis can cause intense joint pain in one’s hands.

Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis are common, and their diagnosis may make you eligible for participation in one of our ongoing research studies. However, there are several other forms of arthritis. In fact, two other forms we treat are osteoarthritis and gout.

Gout is a chronic form of arthritis that attacks joint tissue differently than most other forms. Instead of destroying cartilage, gout causes tiny needle-like urate crystals to form in your joints. Your white blood cells attack these crystals and cause you intense pain.

Most forms of arthritis target and destroy the soft and flexible tissue in your joints known as cartilage. As the cartilage breaks down over time, your joints may become swollen, stiff, tender, and painful to move or bend. This can make daily tasks, like typing, become increasingly difficult and painful.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call Advanced Rheumatology of Houston today. Dr. Brionez is ready to guide you through the testing and diagnosis process, provide expert lifestyle or medical advice, and help you manage your pain through physical therapy and medication management.

Other Rheumatologic Conditions That Cause Joint Pain

Regardless of additional symptoms, if you are experiencing any form of joint pain, you need to call Spring TX rheumatoid doctor Dr. Brionez. This is particularly important if you experience the sudden onset of stiffness and pain in your arms, back, neck, or legs, because you may have developed a rheumatologic condition known as Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

If diagnosed with this or another condition with inflammation-related pain, Dr. Brionez can help you manage your symptoms with medication and regular bloodwork. Alternative inflammatory diseases will likely fall within the family known as spondyloarthropathies.

Another complex rheumatologic condition Dr. Brionez treats is scleroderma. There are two main subsets of this condition – localized and systemic.

Localized scleroderma mainly targets your skin, but if left untreated, it may also begin to target your joints and muscles. The second subset, systemic scleroderma, is hallmarked by its life-threatening tendency to target vital organs, including your kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain. Dr. Brionez has over a decade of experience diagnosing and treating both subsets and is ready to work with you on an individualized treatment plan today.

Rheumatologic Conditions Without Joint Pain

If you are experiencing unexplained muscle weakness or uncomfortable rashes, you may have a rheumatologic condition called myositis. Much like scleroderma, myositis has two subsets – polymyositis and dermatomyositis. Dr. Brionez can help you manage either subset through a combination of physical therapy and medication management.

If an x-ray of a broken bone reveals a loss of bone density, you may have osteoporosis. To confirm this diagnosis, Dr. Brionez will perform a simple and painless bone mineral density test. If you are then diagnosed with osteoporosis, she will help you navigate the large number of supplement options available to you. Afterward, she will discuss a more detailed treatment plan with you, depending on any loss of bone density she discovers.

If a problem is suspected to involve your blood vessels, a similarly minimally invasive examination of a small piece of your tissue may be collected. Dr. Brionez will use this sample to confirm your specific diagnosis within the broader rheumatologic condition known as vasculitis. She will then discuss a more detailed treatment plan with you, depending on that diagnosis.

Lastly, Dr. Brionez also treats a unique rheumatologic condition known as Sjogren’s Syndrome. Instead of targeting any of the areas we’ve previously discussed, this autoimmune disease targets your saliva glands and tear ducts. Dr. Brionez can help you manage this unique rheumatologic condition by managing your pain and combatting your increased risk of dental decay.

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The Spring TX rheumatoid doctor you should trust with your joint pain management is Advanced Rheumatology of Houston’s Dr. Brionez. If you have a treatable rheumatologic condition, she can help you live pain-free. Call our Spring clinic today at 281-766-7886 to book your life-changing appointment today.

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