Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me

Are you looking for a Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me? Then you have come to the right page. Dr. Brionez has several years of experience treating rheumatoid arthritis as a rheumatologist.

A rheumatologist is a doctor or pediatrician that specializes in internal medicine. They receive special training and qualification when it comes to diagnosing and treating rheumatic diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, this includes the joints, muscles, bones, and even the surrounding tissues.

Tomball TX Doctor That Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tomball, TX Doctor That Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis

What Rheumatologists Treat

There are over 100 known types of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatologists are beneficial and play a key role in treating these diseases. This is why finding a Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me is essential and crucial. A Tomball TX, rheumatoid arthritis dr near me can treat diseases such as osteoarthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other rheumatic diseases.

When You Should See A Tomball TX Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr Near Me

Further, there are many times the pain in the joints will be nearly minor and will dwindle after a few days of adjusted activity and getting some rest. If your pain becomes more hurtful or continues for a week or more, there could be an underlying medical condition that may be to blame. You should make an appointment with a general practitioner as soon as possible.

However, the diagnosis and cause of such conditions can be unclear and be beyond the capabilities of a general practitioner or primary care doctor. Moreover, your doctor will refer you to a Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me to get to the bottom of your condition and make sure the diagnosis is accurate. Furthermore, your Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me will provide the appropriate treatment plan and medicine that best suits you and your condition.

The best treatment is early treatment. However, many rheumatic diseases can be difficult to identify until they are in the later stages. Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me are specially trained to detect the causes of pain and swelling that your general practitioner can’t. The treatment is usually based around the use of medication and coordination of care that are among the other types of healthy physicians who treat arthritis.

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Get the help you need.

When To See A Doctor When You Have Joint Symptoms

These are the potential signs and symptoms of arthritis:

  • Having pain, stiffness, or swelling in one or more joints.
  • Your joints are red or warm to the touch.
  • You are experiencing joint tenderness or stiffness.
  • You find it difficult to move a joint or doing daily activities.
  • Any other joint symptoms that cause you to be concerned.

Make an appointment as soon as you possibly can with your doctor if you have any of the following:

  • Any of the above joint symptoms that are persistent for more than three days or more.
  • You are experiencing several episodes of joint symptoms within a month.

Training To Become A Rheumatologist

Furthermore, a Rheumatologist is qualified to give you the care you need. Just like all other medical doctors, Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me must complete four years of medical school. Also, another three years of training (residency) in pediatrics or internal medicine.

In addition, rheumatologists must complete two or three years of specialized rheumatology training in a rheumatology fellowship before taking the national exam for board certification. They must receive continuing education and recertification every ten years. After 1990, this became a requirement for all physicians receiving their board certification.

Diagnosis Can Be Challenging

Rheumatological diseases may be difficult to determine as signs can come and go, or can imitate certain conditions. For example, there might be common signs with rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia. The sooner a patient is treated correctly, the faster successful rehabilitation and pain treatment will begin.

After an Arthritis Diagnosis

After your diagnosis, a nurse educator, or your health care provider who understands arthritis will educate you on your medication and treatment plan. They will teach you how to manage your arthritis daily. These health care professionals may also direct you to other helpful resources. Moreover, as those that are provided by the Arthritis Foundation. In conclusion, this includes information on arthritis and daily living as well as community contacts.

Do Patients with Osteoarthritis Need a Rheumatologist?

Osteoarthritis affects 27 million Americans. This disease is one of the most commonly treated and investigated medical conditions in the U.S. A individual with osteoarthritis may receive medication from a rheumatologist, a primary care physician, a physiatrist, an orthopedist, or a combination of health care providers. The patient can even be assigned to a physical or occupational therapist.

What type of health care provider an osteoarthritis patient will see depends on multiple things, including personal preferences of the patient, availability, and proximity to care services, including whether or not there are other medical conditions that may negatively affect the diagnosis and treatment.

In Conclusion

Rheumatic diseases can sound pretty scary and can be pretty painful, but having a good solid team by your side, you will regain the confidence and strength to fight this disease. Your Rheumatologist will work with you, your family members, and other health care providers to give you the best treatment on how to manage your illness. Remember, don’t allow symptoms to go too long without being treated. This can cause irreversible damage and injury to your joints. Visit Dr. Brionez at Advanced Rheumatology of Houston to seek medical treatment.

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Tomball, TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me Dr. Tamar Brionez

Advanced Rheumatology of Houston

At Advanced Rheumatology of Houston, our top doctor Dr. Brionez has well over ten years of experience when it comes to diagnosing and treating rheumatologic illnesses. Dr. Brionez obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University first. Then, Dr. Brionez secured her Doctor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. Furthermore, she finished her Fellowship in Rheumatology at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Patients should get in touch immediately with the Advanced Rheumatology of Houston today. If you are suffering from the signs and symptoms of a rheumatologic illness, then you can find comfort in our medical clinic. Dr. Brionez will use the latest methods in diagnosing and treating your rheumatologic disease effectively. There is no reason to wait until your symptoms clear up or gets worse. Chances are, if you allow your symptoms to persist, it will get worse and cause irreversible damage to the joints and possibly other bodily organs. In conclusion, death is possible and can likely occur.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at the Advanced Rheumatology of Houston. Dr. Brionez will diagnose and treat your symptoms. Reach our clinic at (281) 766-7886 or visit us in Houston, Texas. We serve many areas around the Houston area, including Tomball, TX. Come visit the best Tomball TX rheumatoid arthritis dr near me, Dr. Brionez.

Fun Facts About Tomball, TX

  1. The city started to flourish as it became a railroad town around 1906.
  2. State Senator Thomas Henry Ball founded the town as a railroad center, and the town was called “Tomball” in his memory in 1907.
  3. Humble Oil and Gas provided free natural gas to the city’s inhabitants for fifty years in return for the city’s exclusive rights to drill.
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